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Company introduction

Located in Ningbo, China, Abravey worked in this filed for more than 10 years, our staff is experienced, friendly and work hard to provide the best service. We take pride in our excellent customer service, reasonable lead times, and outstanding equipment.
We offer equipment that enhance the quality and appearance of our customers’ products,  they can be used on all kinds of metallic parts painting, like TV brackets, lamps, metallic furniture. racks doors. elevators. Etc.
we adhere to the focus strategy, environmental protection and automation as the main direction of our research and development, we take customers’ demands and the latest technology as the most important thing, so that our technology keeps improving; we spend 10% of our sales revenue on developing new technologies each year.
Before or after delivery, we are happy to offer machine and system operation support and maintenance, training programs and OEM are available too.
All of our staff believes that to achieve customers is to achieve ourselves.

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