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Electrostatic spraying of powder coatings —— multi-cyclone recovery system

Time : 2020-07-03

Electrostatic spraying of powder coatings has been widely used in the world since 1960s, and it is more and more popular. However, with this spraying method, due to the discontinuity of the workpiece and the quality of the powder itself during the spraying process, as well as the influence of the spraying stroke, there will always be some powder that can not be fully utilized. If this part of the powder is not collected in time, it is easy to pollute the environment; if the waste powder is treated, the waste is too large; if all used for reuse, which contains a lot of unusable waste powder will affect the quality of coating. This requires a device to collect and separate it so that the available parts are separated from the unavailable parts and processed separately. The function of the powder recovery device is to collect the powder falling in the spraying process, separate it into the available powder and the unusable waste powder, and send it to the corresponding device separately. However, in practical use, due to the influence of many factors, such as equipment manufacturing, technology and so on, there are always some deficiencies in the recovery device. Therefore, people have been looking for an ideal powder recovery system to solve the problem of powder recovery during spraying. This paper introduces a multi-cyclone powder recovery system.

Working principle:

by multi-cyclone powder recovery system: this device can be divided into four parts: suction section, separation section, filter section and discharge section. The suction section consists of a freely adjustable wind plate, a regulating system and a tuyere. The effect is to separate powder dust floating in the air or unused powder from the spraying chamber into the separation system. The operation time adjusts the adjustment system according to the specific situation, by changing the size of the tuyere to adjust the air intake of the suction population to improve the environment, collect dust and powder, the adjustment of the tuyere should be determined according to the height of the spraying room, the relative height of the workpiece from the tuyere and the straight line distance. If the tuyere is too close to the workpiece, it often leads to the work piece's powder rate is not high, the powder consumption is too large; conversely, if the tuyere is too small, it is not easy to make the spraying room dust out in time, spraying working environment becomes worse.

The separation section consists of a cyclone separation cylinder, a filter screen and an inlet and outlet. Its function is to make the available powder into the original powder box and mix with the original powder through a specific cyclone separation tube device, and enter the spraying cycle again, while the other part of the powder with very small particles is charged because it is difficult to adsorb electrons in the spraying electric field, so it is basically impossible to be coated on the workpiece, which is called waste powder. If these waste powders are not separated in time and added to the original powder continuously, the amount of powder available in the original powder will be less and less, and the effective powder sprayed per unit time will be less and less, resulting in the thickness of the sprayed workpiece film becoming thinner and thinner. On the other hand, if the waste powder enters the spraying cycle together with the original powder, in order to get the qualified workpiece, it is necessary to constantly adjust the process parameters and increase the amount of powder produced per unit time. The waste powder is coated from the original powder box to the workpiece through a series of devices, and the waste powder in which the operation speed is quite fast, thus increasing the wear of the equipment and seriously affecting the service life of the equipment. Therefore, this part of waste powder should be separated as far as possible, can no longer participate in the spraying cycle, this process is completed in the separation section. The key equipment here is the cyclone separator. The device is a whirlwind structure with internal involute shape. When the airflow enters the device, it will change direction and form eddy current.

The mixture of powder and gas from the separation section enters the filtration section, which consists of a filter chamber, a waste powder header and a clean gas system. Its function is respectively: the filter chamber is composed of a set of filter elements and its accessories, the main function is to filter the previous mixture. The filter element is made of special material with high strength and many micropores. The micropore can make the gas pass through, but the powder can not pass through, but with the extension of time, there will be a lot of fine powder stuck on the surface of the filter element, blocking the micropore of the filter element, on the one hand lost the filtering effect, on the other hand, make the air flow in the system is not smooth, increase the resistance of the exhaust fan, easy to cause the fan overload and damage. So this requires a clean gas system, which is a freely adjustable pulse flow system. When the pulse period is adjusted to 5 s, every 5 s, it will send out a stream of air from the inside of the filter to the filter, so that the powder adhered to the outside of the filter falls, into the header, easy to collect. At the same time, the period and airflow intensity of the pulse can be adjusted according to the actual production conditions to achieve the best recovery effect. Here, filter element and pulse gas are more critical. If the filter element is not good, it is easy to lead to the filtration is not clean, so that the discharged powder into the atmosphere, to the surrounding environment, serious will cause local dust concentration too high, causing explosion. The discharge section is composed of fan, air duct and filter screen. The fan is used to exhaust air, which is also the power of the air flow of the whole system; the air duct determines the direction of the wind; the filter screen is the last protection, so that the air flow into the atmosphere is as clean as possible.


Compared with other types of recovery systems, the advantages of the multi-cyclone powder recovery system are: the multi-stage and set separation on its structure, which ensures the rapid and thorough separation of the mixture after entering. Its unique multi-cyclone separation cylinder and special materials made of filter core to ensure high separation efficiency and good results. All sections cooperate with each other and separate from each other, especially the key is the coordination work of cyclone separator, filter element and backblow pulse gas system, which not only ensures the high quality of recovery and separation, but also ensures the normal operation of spraying room. The promotion and popularization of the system will greatly improve the efficiency of powder recovery, improve the quality of spraying and improve the environment.

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