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Brands: Abravey
Model: ATH030
Belonging to:

  • ATH030 Series
    J1 axis J2 axis J3 axis R axis
    axis model arm extentionmm) STH030-400 STH030-500 STH030-600 250 150 -
    150 250 350
    max operating areadegree 135 135 - 360
    -135 -135 -360
    moto model Italy RRRobotica Italy RRRobotica Italy RRRobotica Italy RRRobotica
    Power 400W(AC) 200W(AC) 100W(AC) 100W(AC)
    Retarding mechanism Decelerator harmonic drive harmonic drive - harmonic drive
    conducting mode moto and decelerator directly - synchronous pully
    decelerator and output directly
    positioning accuracyXYZ:mm)(r:degree ±0.01 ±0.02 ±0.016
    Max-speedXYZ:mm/sec)(r:degree/sec) 360 576 800 565
    payloadkg) 3KGsettled
    standard cycle time:1KG holding timesec) 0.4second
    R allowable inertia momentKGm2) 0.05
    IN OUT 0.2*10
    hosefrom outside Φ4*3
    the length of robot cablem) standard3m 5m optional
    main moto weightKG 16.8~19KG
    controller box TRC3C-A04

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